11 Tips for Changing Negative Self Talk to Positive Thinking

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road to horizonNegative self-talk is something I’m constantly on the lookout for. It’s easy for negative thoughts to creep into your subconscious and pollute your mind. When I catch myself using negative self-talk I immediately switch to positive thinking using affirmations.

It can be minor things life, “I should have done this or that better”, or “Why didn’t I say this or that”. These minor thoughts add up and can cause major damage!

Even more alarming is when I hear my 9 or 12 year old son let their negative self-talk slip out. I work hard to have them change those thoughts right away and give them all of the reasons why. I’m quick to point out their successes, hoping to instill more confidence.

It’s no different for you or I, we must focus on positive thinking to live up to our fullest potential, and to have maximum success!

“your brain is programmed to respond to negative emotions by shutting off the outside world and limiting the options you see around you.”
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Positive thinking is known for making the lives of people happier, healthier, and more successful. In fact, positive thinking is a vital part of everyday living. But, we all know, viewing the world in a positive way is much easier said than done.

Fortunately there are several things we can do right away to change our mindset and make positive thinking part of our daily routine! Here are 12 tips for cutting negativity out of your mind.

#1 – Success Affirmations

Write down success affirmations and say them aloud multiple times each day. These are goals that you state like they have already happened. Examples are; “I am living the life of my dreams” or “I become more abundant each day.”

This positive self-talk will sink into your subconscious and help change your way of thinking.

# 2 – Turn Negative Thoughts into Positive Thinking

Negativity starts in your subconscious and eventually takes control of your life. It’s very important to begin training yourself to recognize when you are having a conscious negative thought. You must immediately replace those negative thoughts with positive thinking and/or a success affirmation.

Negative thinking is all about mindset. You can make the choice to turnaround your mindset and your life!

#3 – The Company you Keep

happy creative team celebrating victory in officeHabits and attitudes can be contagious. For this reason, it’s important to surround yourself with people who practice positive thinking, as they will encourage you to do your best and help you attain whatever goals you have. You can help to motive each other!

Like-minded people will make a world of difference by keeping your focus on positive results.

#4 – Live in the Now

Let go of the past, it does not have to be a preview of your future! Live in the present and keep your focus there. By working solely in the present you are intentionally designing your future. You are focused on your positive thoughts and performing the actions that go along with them.

Positive thinking and staying present will help eliminate worry and fear while keeping your mindset strong.

#5 – Share Your Feelings

Dealing with your problems on your own can be a tough road to travel. Allowing yourself to struggle without hope will just make things worse. Sharing your hardships with someone you trust allows you to receive some advice and encouragement that you can use to re-focus on your courage, perseverance, and strength.

#6 – Make Your Environment Positive

Home Office positive thinkingMaking changes in your office space, room, or house can make you feel calm, welcomed and relaxed. Be neat and organized and get rid of the clutter! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to downsize and live more minimally. The extra space and clean environment will do wonders for your mindset!

#7 – Be a Rational Optimist

Being an optimist does not mean that you have to pretend that nothing bad will happen. You simply look at things from a positive perspective and welcome challenges as opportunities. Face your challenges head on, don’t procrastinate and hope they disappear on their own.

With positive thinking you have the power overcome and benefit from your life challenges!

#8 – Believe in Yourself

smiling-businessman-with-blank-text-bubble_textYou have to firmly believe that you can do anything. You have to trust in your skills, knowledge, and capability when dealing with the challenges that you will face in your life optimization journey. Use positive thinking to fuel your journey!

#9 – Create a Life Optimization Plan

Part of having a winning mindset is having a plan that will serve as your guide during your life optimization journey. Your plan will include a strategy for achieving your goals, which will plant the seeds needed to harvest your dream life.

A plan backed up with strategy and action will keep your mindset focused and positive!

#10 – Use Your Strengths

People with a winning mindset know how to use their skills and strengths to give them the will to win and enforce a positive attitude. They are also not afraid to fail and never give up.

#11 – Face Your Fears

To be successful you have to have the courage to face your fears and challenges. You must be ready to do what it takes to reach your goals and not look for an easy way out. This will involve stepping out of your comfort zone to overcome the obstacles that stand between you and the achievement of your goals.

Benefits of Positive Thinking

Being positive sounds simple, but takes effort on your part. It’s easy to keep the status quo and not work for improvement; however, you can’t change your life unless you change your life!  Once you fully commit to a positive mindset, you will see several improvements in your life.

  • More harmonious relationships
  • Maintain a broader perspective and effectively identify solutions to various problems
  • Promotes better health, reduced stress, and improved focus
  • Concentrate better on finding solutions instead of being distracted by negative elements
  • More resilient
  • Gives you the power to change not just your environment but your life as a whole
  • More success and happiness in life

Positive thinking will help you eliminate negative self-talk and take control of your life. You will be able to see life with all its possibilities instead of its obstacles and fears.

The benefits of positive thinking should not be underestimated. Transforming your behavior and attitude from negative or apathetic to positive will help you make productive changes in all aspects of your life and enjoy the results!

How do you turn your negative thoughts into positive thinking?

Until next time,

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