Awaken the Courage Within You

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Traveler in the mountainsCourage is not always about taking on danger, it’s also about taking on the challenges necessary to change your life and pursue your dreams. It takes courage to live with integrity, to expand your comfort zone and to overcome fears. In short, it takes courage to optimize your life!

Courage is a quality of a great person. Do you have it or do you lack it? Lack of courage can limit you from doing the things you love and living a fulfilling life. Without courage, you may sacrifice the life of your dreams.

Everyone is afraid of something. But, by being courageous you face your fears even if it means sacrificing comfort and taking on risks. If you think you don’t have the courage to optimize your life, well you are wrong, it only needs to be awakened!

There will never be a shortage of challenges in life. In fact, they are already a part of everyone’s life. The reason we are equipped with courage is to win the daily battles that we face. You may not realize that you already have courage within you, but think about how many fears you have faced and conquered:

  • Taking your first step
  • Riding a bike
  • Driving a car
  • Going on that first date

You may not remember, but at the time all of these activities seemed daunting! Yet you persevered and now they are second nature. Believe it or not; you still possess the same courage that got you through those events, and it can be used for the challenges you face today!

“One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.”dyk courage
Maya Angelou

Types of Courage

There are several different types of courage. Most people associate courage with the feats heroes from books and movies perform, but in fact there are other types of courage that will serve you well during your life optimization journey.  If you don’t think you have courage to be successful, simply think about how easily you can bring the following types of courage into your life.

woman breaking glassFace Fear – many of us are afraid of various things yet we choose to act anyway. For instance, the fear of public speaking holds a lot of people back. While overcoming it can be straight forward, it still takes courage to take the action to beat it.

Keep in mind that true courage is not the absence of fear, it’s realizing that beating fear is necessary for success and then following though.

Follow Your Heart – Achieving your dream life may seem impossible. But, a courageous person will still believe and do what it takes to live their dream life. This may involve getting more education, sharpening skills, building alliances, quitting their job and so on.

Listening to and following your intuition takes courage, especially since you may be the only person that truly believes!

Stand Up For Your Beliefs – Not everyone has the courage to stick with their values. It’s very important for life optimization that you have the integrity to do what is right regardless of the circumstances.

Don’t sacrifice your integrity and go along with the crowd. Stand out and stick to your core values and beliefs!

Know Your Strengths

You can use your strengths to awaken the courage within, and increase your confidence. Strengths give you the authority to act decisively in certain areas. Acting from strength gives you extra courage, because there is less of the unknown to fear. Here are few tips for understanding your strengths.

Make a List – writing down the things you are good at will help bring your strengths to light. Often we overlook our strengths because they are second nature to us. But, in fact these are major attributes that we can draw on for courage.

Determine Your Own Strengths – You have the personal power to determine you own strengths. After all, no one knows you better than you! Some people get a kick out tearing others down, for some reason it makes them feel better about themselves. So, don’t let some else’s low self-esteem short change your strengths and sabotage your courage.

Still-life from a violin and other instrumentsWhat Gets You Excited – everyone has his or her excitements in life. So, what makes you excited? Being excited about something you love doing is definitely a strength. Having passion will give you the courage to follow that passion! If you enjoy what you’re doing and excel at it, then it’s a strength.

Take a Self-Assessment – a self-assessment of your strengths and weaknesses is another great way to build courage. By knowing where you need to improve; you are taking away some of the unknown. You can then work to turn these weaknesses in strengths!

The perceived lack of courage is often rooted in the subconscious, it has built up over the years from negative thinking. There are several methods to correct this faulty thought process and build courage including:

  • Self-hypnosis
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Meditation
  • Success Affirmations

By using these methods and others you can awaken or further develop your courage within. Courage will serve as one of your greatest tools for clearing the road- blocks that you will encounter during your life optimization journey!

Remember that the core of courage is largely determination. You have the personal power to build the courage necessary for life optimization. Just be determined to conquer your fears without hesitation or excuses, and refuse to be held back from your greatest dreams.

What are your biggest three strengths that give you courage?

Until next time,

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