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11 Tips for Changing Negative Self Talk to Positive Thinking

Negative self-talk is something I’m constantly on the lookout for. It’s easy for negative thoughts to creep into your subconscious and pollute your mind. When I catch myself using negative … Continue Reading →

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Awaken the Courage Within You

Courage is not always about taking on danger, it’s also about taking on the challenges necessary to change your life and pursue your dreams. It takes courage to live with … Continue Reading →

Kung fu fear

10 Simple Steps for Kicking Fear to the Curb

Fear is something that we learn and conquer at an early age. My youngest son was afraid to ride his bike, well to be more precise he was afraid of … Continue Reading →

active listening.

12 Tips to Increase Your Active Listening Power

There have been times when I failed to listen to a person talking to me, because I was already thinking of a reply, even though the person had not yet … Continue Reading →

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Don’t Let Your Self Esteem Get Steamrolled!

Have you ever had a boss or person in authority think they are better than you? They try to trample your self esteem to make themselves feel better. I have … Continue Reading →

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9 Easy Tips to Fill Your Life with Inspiration

There is nothing worse than going through life without inspiration. You’ lack the motivation to pursue your dreams and can also end up living an unfulfilling life. An inspired person is … Continue Reading →

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7 Ways to Flex Your Willpower Muscles!

Willpower will be one of your most trusted companions and counted on to help you during your life optimization journey. To be successful it is important that you train and … Continue Reading →

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How to Slay the Procrastination Monster!

Procrastination is an effectiveness killer that will completely derail your life optimization journey. To be successful at anything you must to be able to slay the procrastination monster and get … Continue Reading →

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Why is Laser Focus Crucial for Optimizing Your Life?

Listen Via Podcast! Focus is the guiding force that enables us to concentrate on accomplishing our goals and continue moving forward with life optimization. Without focus we are easily distracted … Continue Reading →

51 self improvement words

Self Improvement Achieved in 51 Words!

How would you describe yourself in 51 words? How would your friends describe you in 51 words? How would you describe your job or business in 51 words? How would … Continue Reading →