How to Slay the Procrastination Monster!

procrastination monster

Procrastination is an effectiveness killer that will completely derail your life optimization journey. To be successful at anything you must to be able to slay the procrastination monster and get your life tasks done timely. We’ll look at some reasons for procrastination and how you can overcome them to maximize your success!

Procrastination prevents you from accomplishing the tasks necessary to achieve your goals and can cost you the life of your dreams. This is a steep price to pay for what amounts to little more than a bad habit.

The longer you wait to tackle this habit, the harder it will be to overcome it. If left unchecked it will pollute your thoughts with negativity, which leads to a downward spiral to failure.

It’s like a leaky roof. You know it needs to be fixed, but why fix it now since it is only a problem when it rains? The roof will not magically repair itself, but will continue to get worse until eventually you’ll have an outright flood!

Major damage will be sustained that could have been avoided if the roof had been fixed immediately. Procrastination always leads to a higher cost in the long run.

So, don’t procrastinate on slaying the procrastination monster!

“Procrastination statistics show that procrastination affects over 20% of the population and that it is on the rise. A definition of dyk procrastinationprocrastination is “putting off activities that were planned or scheduled, for activities that are of a lesser importance.” Many of us have procrastinated to some degree or another but, according to statistics, procrastination is on the rise.”

Fear Empowers the Procrastination Monster

prison procrastinationThe procrastination monster is strong enough, why give it more power? Fear prevents you from trying new things and locks you into a prison of familiarity. Familiarity is comfortable, but does not allow for life optimization.

Fear of Failure – this fear dates back to the beginning of time. Failure has a negative connotation with it, when in fact without failure we would never advance as a society. A select few people are bold enough to try and fail, try ad fail, try and fail again.

This is how we moved from the Stone Age to the current age of technology. Imagine if Thomas Edison or Henry Ford or Martin Luther King or Steve Jobs would have let the risk of failure hold them back? To obtain greatness you must be willing to fail time and time again, and learn from each failure.

Each failure is one step closer to success!

Fear of unwanted outcomes – this is usually stems from some past unpleasant experience that carries over and causes procrastination on similar tasks. This fear should actually be a positive, since the task now has familiarity.

Knowing what not to do is an extremely valuable piece of knowledge that will actually save time and money going forward. All of these lessons should be tucked away to use in the future. Jump at the chance to correct past mistakes and experience the thrill of beating this challenge!

Fear of missing out – the multi-tasker wants to do and experience everything all at once. This will cause a loss of focus and concentration. Multi-tasking ultimately leads to a loss of productivity. So, even though the intent is positive, procrastination is the result because of lack of concentration.

Prioritize tasks, focusing on the most important first and complete it before moving on to the next.

Fear does not have to be real. If you really think about fear; most of the time it’s just imaginary! Face the fear head on and then decide if the fear is more powerful than overcoming it, and doing what it takes for life optimization.

Just Say No to Excuses

procrastination excusesA major reason for procrastination is that it provides a lot of easy excuses for avoiding things we don’t want to do, even though we know these things are necessary for life optimization.

If we rely on excuses eventually we will drown in a sea of excuses.

“I don’t know excuse” – thought process – by pretending not to know how to do a certain task it can be avoided. This can be easily overcome by simply attaining the knowledge necessary to complete the task. This is an outdated excuse since there is an abundance of knowledge available at the click of a mouse, or a tap on a smart phone!

“Not challenging enough excuse” – thought process – used as a way to get out of something by thinking that a task is too simplistic. This is a really poor excuse; if the task is really too simple then it should be able to be completed very quickly and accurately.

“Don’t want to excuse” – thought process – when all else fails this is an old fall back; there really is no thought process behind this excuse! It’s a tactic that only the truly lazy resort to. Everything worthwhile in life requires effort and lack of effort leads to overall lack in life.

“Can’t force me excuse”– thought process – usually an avoidance tactic that relies upon hostility to push the required task to the background. This is a self-destructive thought process that requires a major attitude adjustment for life optimization.

If any of these excuses hit home then you must work extra hard to move beyond them if you want to achieve your goals. A key to life optimization is taking responsibility for your actions and inactions.

Expand Your Comfort Zone


Comfort zones also feed the procrastination monster. It’s very easy to stay within our own comfort zone. However, you must make changes to see life improvement, keep doing the same things and you’ll keep getting the same results.

If you never try anything new or take chances then you’ll never be uncomfortable. But, you will also never be able to optimize your life. Is your zone so comfortable that you’re willing to spend the rest of your life there? Because, that’s what will happen if you don’t expand it!

Most people think comfort equals security, when in fact just the opposite is true. If you constantly live in a comfort zone you’ll never be able to grow and expand your abilities. It’s only when you expand your comfort zone that you can attain the knowledge that will provide you with true security, both financial and emotional.

Think about it, something is only unfamiliar the first time you do it. Each time after that it becomes more familiar and easier to deal with. Eventually it becomes part of your expanded comfort zone!

I’ve been guilty of the fears and excuses. But, as I’ve learned and grew I’ve been able to minimize procrastination and continue on in my life optimization journey.

Life optimization is about beating fears eliminating excuses, and continually expanding your comfort zone. If you keep these things in mind and focus on your life goals, then you will slay the procrastination monster every time it rears its ugly head!

I would love your feedback! What’s your secret for battling the procrastination monster?

Until next time,

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