Weekly Success Affirmation – Positive Thinking

Young man practicing yoga on ocean shorePositive affirmations are absorbed into the subconscious mind which works to produce the positive results of the affirmation.

This is a great way to stay motivated to optimize your life!

Affirmations embedded into the subconscious work similar to a computer. Meaning the computer can only function on the programs that have been installed in it. So, you want to install these positive affirmations into your mind and get a picture of the optimal you.

Visualize yourself as you listen to the affirmation, create a vivid mental picture of yourself achieving each action described in the affirmation. In order to give more credibility to an affirmation, visualizing it can bring it to a whole new level of reality. This reality in the mind’s eye helps to create a positive energy that centers itself in following the affirmation to its end goal.

Sit down, relax, close your eyes and visualize to enjoy the benefits of the affirmation. Find a quiet space where you can really concentrate. I prefer to use headphones to help block out distractions.


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