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If you feel that your work life balance is teetering on the edge; isn’t it time to make changes before the problems overwhelm you? Whether or not you own your own business, at times life can often be overwhelming. One way to help you regain control is to optimize your life.

Life optimization is a great way to take control of your work life balance and dramatically reduce stress.


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“Stress contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, and other illnesses in many individuals and also contributes to the development of alcoholism, obesity, suicide, drug addiction, cigarette addiction, and other harmful behaviors.”

What is an Optimized Life?

Quite simply its being the best you can be and having everything you desire in all facets of your life.

 My Life Optimization practice is built on these 7 pillars:

  • Personal Development
  • Spiritual Development
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Happiness

An important part of life optimization is a healthy work life balance.

work life balance cartoonAchieving life optimization and the proper work life balance is not the same for everyone. You will have to figure exactly what that balance should be. Spend some time and figure out what is really important to you, as this is what will drive you to the work life balance that is right for you.

Optimizing your life forces you to understand the value of time, which is a precious commodity that is in short supply. So, don’t waste it with an out of whack work life balance because you will end up stressed out, which will have a very negative impact on your health and happiness.

You only have one lifetime so
make the most of it!

Optimizing your life and achieving a harmonious work life balance is not easy. It takes effort; it takes soul searching and it takes eliminating excuses. You have to take responsibility for your work life balance to make a change, and have a sense of urgency to get it done.

With that being said there is no reason why you can’t have a great work life balance and live an optimized life. Millions of people are doing it and you can too! You know it’s possible for others, but you must know and truly believe it’s possible for you.

Life is just too short; don’t settle for a life that is less than you want; too many people do that and go to their graves unhappy, unfulfilled and un-optimized. Don’t let this happen to you!

It doesn’twork life balance multi tasking matter how old or young you are, it doesn’t matter what gender you are, it doesn’t matter what race or nationality you are; the only thing that matters are the actions you take to optimize your life.

Achieve Work Life Balance by Focusing on One

Multitasking is something that I have fought against for years in the corporate world, in my businesses and in my home life. By focusing on a single task at a time your will give it all of your energy and concentration. The end result will be a quality product that you can be proud of.

Multitasking is a key driver to an out of whack work life balance and adds unnecessary stress to your life. You can only realistically do one thing well at a time. If you are splitting your energy over multiple tasks, how can you give any of them your best effort?

Once you focus on one task at a time you’ll be more productive and more efficient, which will allow you to start getting a better work life balance.

Prioritize for Work Life Balance

If you prioritize your tasks then the temptation to multitask will decrease and so will your stress levels. Determine which tasks are the most important, develop an action plan to complete the first task on time and then move on to the next.

If you can’t figure out which task has priority then ask for help. If you get the old tired answer; “They all are”, then you have to push back and ask for guidance. Any good leader will offer direction to you. But, if you still can’t get clear direction then make an executive decision and prioritize the tasks yourself.

There has to be some tasks that are more important than others. It’s a simple fact; if they are all urgent then none of them are urgent.

Sometimes it’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. This is a philosophy that I have successfully followed throughout my career. Don’t be afraid to be seen as a risk taker and leader.

It’s very difficult to achieve work life balance if you are constantly trying to do everything at once. You’ll be much less productive and forced to work more just to keep up!

Here are a few tips for prioritizing tasks:

  • Know the due date
  • Assign a level of importance to each task
  • Know who the stakeholders are and what roles they play
  • Know the financial impact
  • Know the organizational impact
  • Know how much time is needed to complete the task
  • Use a project planner and create milestones to track the progress of your tasks

Build in Time for Daily Reflection

Even if it’s only 15 minutes; make time for some type of reflection. This will clear your mind, release stress, and allow you to have better focus for the rest of the day.

I use visualization and meditation, but find what works best for you. Binaural beats are also a great way to get your brain waves recharged. Getting in touch with your spiritual side will help you remember what’s really important which leads to the proper work life balance.

Forgive Yourself

Every day is not going to be perfect; sometimes you won’t get everything done when you want to, or when someone else wants you to. Life happens and sometimes throws us curveballs. It’s okay to pick up the next day and finish the tasks.

I know from experience that working until the wee hours of the morning is not the answer. You will inevitably make more mistakes as you get tired. These mistakes will have to be corrected, which in essence will cause you to do extra work and further destroy your work life balance.

In my 30 plus years in the corporate and self employment worlds I can count on one hand the number of tasks that absolutely had to be finished in one night no matter what. I’m not saying to procrastinate, because procrastination will kill your success. I’m simply saying know when to say when on a given day.

Set Proper Expectations

This goes hand in hand with prioritizing. When you discover that a task is going to take longer than expected let someone know so expectations can be adjusted. If you try to continually meet unrealistic deadlines; how can you ever achieve work life balance?

You will reduce stress by making sure others understand what is and is not a reasonable time frame. There will be things out of your control; maybe you are waiting on information from someone else, or there are system issues or you may just lack clear direction.

Take responsibility and help set reasonable expectations as soon as you can. Everyone will appreciate it, you’ll feel more in control and your work life balance will improve greatly.


Build a Life Optimization Plan that Includes Work Life Balance

Your life optimization plan provides the direction that will ultimately lead to an enriched work life balance. It’s really hard to accomplish anything without a sound plan. Flying by the seat of your pants is a good way to ensure failure.

Take the time to build a solid life optimization plan. It requires that you figure out who you are and what you really want out of your life. Then come up with the action steps necessary to make it happen.

Work life balance is an important part of the plan. A life optimization plan is an evolving document that you will update frequently as you learn new things which change the direction of your life.

Take a Deep Breath

As you go through the day don’t forget to breath! A deep breath is a great way to lower stress levels and pull in a big burst of oxygen to your brain. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Try doing this 10 times in a row throughout the day as needed.

Make a Change and Take Control of Your Work/Life Optimization Balance

Whether you own your own business or work for someone else; work life balance is important. It’s easy to get caught up in your own rat race and forget about what’s important. Review your life optimization plan often to remind yourself of what you want to achieve.

Take control and optimize your life, this will lead to a healthy work life balance and allow you to live your dreams and have all that you desire!

Be sure to register for my free 12 day life optimization e-course. It will give you a wealth of knowledge that will help you take action, and make the changes needed to optimize your life!


Success is conceived in your dreams but starts with action!  And, as I always say:

“You can’t change your life, unless your change your life”

Until next time,

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